Too poor for Old Navy


I have a good job, and make a decent paycheck, but can’t afford to buy expensive clothes.  Seriously, Lane Bryant is starting to get too expensive for me.  I also can’t justify paying $40 for a t-shirt.  That’s why places like Old Navy used to be a great place for me.

I used to shop at Old Navy all the time. I could always find great jeans there and I could afford the items and loved that they had cute plus size clothing.  Then they stopped carrying plus size in the actual store, and decided to have it online only.  I actually wrote a letter to them about this, and just got “we are sorry, but this is in our best interests.  Enjoy shopping online only fatty, we don’t want you actually in the store” response.

Since then, my Old Navy shopping has decreased dramatically.  I might go into the store once or twice a year, and maybe peruse the website about 6 times a year.  This is a big decrease, considering I used to go a couple of times a month and always spend money there.  I have bought a few items from them this year, but mostly basic stuff, like some shoes and sweats.

I seriously hate ordering online, it’s a hassle and 9 times out of 10, the items never fit me right.  But sometimes I’ll do it if the item looks exceptionally cute or is a really good price.  But here’s another kicker with Old Navy…you can’t take returns from online orders to the store to get a refund, you actually have to mail them back.  What the what?

Read this post.  So, not only is there already the hassle of ordering online items from Old Navy, but I’ll pay more because of the shipping & handling, AND for the plus size items.   And although it’s still pretty cheap, it just hurts my sense of fairness to pay all these extra costs to actually be inconvenienced, because that’s what it feels like.  I feel like I’m paying Old Navy to make me feel like shit.


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  1. You are so right. It’s such an inconvenience. They really don’t make if very appealing or desirable to shop with them. I’m with you on LB being so overpriced. I mean really??? Come on !!

      • Not cheap at all… frugal, cost conscience, smart, thrifty well that’s how I like to think of myself. Unless your crapping out money or have a tree in your back yard that grows it, it’s just not smart if you don’t be conscience of your spending. I love Torrid clothes, but those are outrageous too.

  2. I am not a big fan of Old Navy mostly b/c the stuff I got there all fell apart after mild use…regardless I agree that not being able to return items in the stores is total BS. I buy a lot of stuff, online and in person, at Macy’s. I find tons of great deals on their 50, 60, 70% rakcs and with their card (the only store credit card I have) you get 15 -20% off the entire bill. I have purchased items that were 90 bux for as little as $4 and the quality of their clothes is very good.

    Not everything they carry is to my liking but I stopped shopping at LB few years back because of price.


    • Hmm, I always think Macy’s is too expensive or too dowdy, I think I just have bad luck finding stuff. But you have found cute stuff there, I think I have to check them out again!

    • I always feel just a little bit better buying at Goodwill. Like, even though the plus size section is piddly compared to the rest of the women’s section, there’s still a greater chance that more people will be playing the same “no returns clothing roulette” game that is representative of pretty much… everywhere else.

      • That is so true. And sometimes I find great stuff at GW. Apparently the Target near there will give them brand new items, but it’s sporadic.

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