Trend yourself


I’ve worn this dress in a previous post, it’s my 1970’s and/or school marm dress.

I should have taken a better picture of the actual design.


Dress – Torrid / Belt – Target / Boots, leggings, fur collar – Lane Bryant

I am aware of the double chin, thank you very much.  While experimenting with a new place to take the pics, I’ve also been inspired to try new “poses.”  And here is photographic evidence of how truly awkward I am!


I like this location, the only problem is getting home before it’s completely dark.  I don’t photograph well with a flash, my eyes get much too red.  Also, the porch light is right on the edge of these pics, so there is always interference from that.  Perhaps I can just get permission to leave work early for the next few months to take pictures?


I LOVE this collar.  This was me at work all day.  I just realized that I’m also following the oxblood trend!  Let me explain how trends and I work together – we don’t.  If I happen to be following any current trend, it’s totally a fluke.  If I like something, I like it because of what it is, not because it’s a trend.  If it happens to be a trend, ok, that’s fine, but I’m going to wear what I like when I want.

For example, I love all the animal prints that are so hot right now.  And I will get some of them because I just like them.  And I’ll keep wearing them after they aren’t trendy.  I love it when an item or look that I adore is popular so I have more chances to adopt it and find it, but not so worried if it’s trendy or not.  Most likely why I’ll never be a famous anything.


In fact, I’ll usually wear something that was trendy a few years ago just to prove a point.  What that point might be, I’m not sure.  But I’m happy with my choices.



It was just a fluke that this collar happened to be oxblood, which is all over the place lately.  And I adore that color, so I’ll try snatch up all the cheapy items in this color as I can.  And I’ll wear them FOR YEARS.  Years, I tell you!

I call this pose “About to fall over.”  You like?



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  1. You are hardly awkward, Erin. There’s a reason why I will never, NEVER, do a full-body shot of ‘what I’m wearing’ sort of photo. Never. (Just needed to emphasise that 😀 )

    Regarding trends — it’s another ‘never’ for me. I like to think that whenever I am putting money down for something, it should see me for a few years, or forever! 😀 So, nope, no trends for me. But I guess that’s easy for me to say since I don’t have to leave home and mingle with office people…

  2. Great autumn colours in this outfit! I have embraced the fact that I’m awkward in front of the camera, whatevs! Couldn’t agree more about trends- when they align with your taste it’s time to stock up, otherwise let them pass.

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