The Liebster Award


Wow, I got nominated for The Liebster award by Jessica from Product Hoochie.

It makes me blush and so excited and still in awe that people I don’t know read my blog!!

I’m stealing this bit directly from her blog, since she already did all the work of writing up the info on it:

So what is the Liebster Blog Award?

It’s an award that was reputedly started in Germany in order to give smaller bloggers recognition for their hard work. You receive this award from a fellow blogger that feels your blog is both worthy & important to them.

The rules are:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated
3. Choose eleven people to give this award to (with fewer than 200 followers) and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. Remember, no tag backs

YARGH  (Oh, this is mine, I didn’t copy yargh from her….durr)

Post eleven facts about yourself

1.  I want to travel to Lake Geneva to see the statue of Freddie Mercury from Queen.  Totally serious.

2.  Favorite food might quite possibly be pickles.  Not sweet pickles, those are gross.

3.  For the past 3 years, I’ve been trying to read at least 100 books a year.  Might not make it this year, I’m only at 86 right now.

4.  I used to want to grow up to look exactly like Olivia Newton-John in Grease.  As good girl Sandy!  Although, if I could get my hair to do what she does at the end, that would be incredible.

5.  I’m 38 and still don’t know how to apply  makeup correctly.

6.  I currently have a Donny Osmond mouse pad at work, a gift from one of my brothers.

7.  When I was little, I had a GROUP of imaginary friends.  It was a group of boys and a group of girls, and they were always fighting, so I had to mediate.  What would a psychiatrist say about that?

8.  Whenever I see someone crawling into their bed on tv or in a movie, I get jealous, because it always looks SO comfy.

9.  Professions I seriously thought about before the age of 18 – teacher, social worker for autistic children, a nun, librarian, rock star, veterinarian

10.  I really really like jigsaw puzzles

11.  I could drink coffee all through the day and have no problem sleeping

Answer the questions the tagger has set for you (from Product Hoochie)

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt I had a lot to say about plus-size fashion at the time.  I thought I had some honest opinions that I hadn’t read in other places.  Since then, my blog has gone in different directions, which I’m fine with.

2. What is your “day job”?

I do administrative work for a construction division at the City of Seattle.

3. What is your least favorite current fashion trend?

This is a hard one.  Maybe those annoying fur vests?  They remind me of Sonny Bono.  Not cute

4. What is the one thing you do that other people think is fantastic?

Gosh, I’m not sure.  I think I listen really well and I give good advice.

5. What was your biggest adventure?

Nothing amazing, I lead a pretty boring life.  But when I got divorced and took a new job, it seemed like I became a different person.

6. What is your favorite cosmetic product?

Lipstick, usually red

7. What perfume do you like most?

L’Occitane Lemon Verbena

8. Who is your favorite person?

I can’t do it!  I don’t know!  Seriously, with my awesome mom and dad, and my great brothers, how could I choose?

9. What is your favorite book?

It’s a toss-up between Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.D. Lewis.

10. What product would you love to try but you think it is too expensive?

Any of those expensive creams to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes.  Or the treatment for my front tooth (I cracked it when I was 10, and the replacement part is brown, so I don’t usually smile with my mouth open.  It’s considered a cosmetic treatment and will cost about $1000 to fix, so I’m trying to save up for it.)

11. What beauty product do you think would change the world?

Anything that could  make people think they are beautiful just as they are.

My 11 blog nominees (I can’t tag Product Hoochie, otherwise I would!) (I think they all have less than 200 followers, if not, I apologize!)

1. Juanita Tortilla – I met her blog through the swap, and I love it.  She’s super creative

2. Ellomennopee – good gosh her blog is adorable

3.  Curvy Elvie – she is so honest on her blog, I love that

4. My Daily Beauty Blog – a curvy gal sharing awesome and affordable finds

5. Fatshion on a Budget – she makes the cutest stuff for herself, and totally rocks her outfits

6.  Return to Sender – This girl is funny

7. An old story – she is so creative and fun

8. Falala Mele – I just adore her blog

9. French Toast is Vegan – smart, insightful, and gorgeous

10. Pashteit – she makes it all look so easy and effortless

11.  Wasted Fashion – love her blog, and she always has such great comments for my posts.  So supportive!

Create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated

1. If you could dress only in fashions from one decade, which one would it be?

2. If you had to create a whole new blog, what would you write about?

3. What is your favorite book and movie?

4. If you had to participate in a food eating contest, which food would you choose?

5. Why do you blog?

6. What is one thing you do every day, no matter what?

7. Do you inspire others? If so, how?

8. What always makes you laugh?

9. Is there a trend you love but are afraid to try?

10. If you take a trip in the next 6 months, where would you go?

11.  What is your dream profession?


12 responses »

  1. O-M-G. You did not.
    I am almost embarrassed to be nominated… Thank you so much, Erin.
    (Am I creative? Maybe too much time on my hands.)

    I enjoyed reading the 11 facts about you, your answers, and those questions you posed are good ones! To be honest, I can’t wait to sit down and think of my answers for them 🙂

    Will get on to this Liebster award as soon as possible!
    Thanks again!

    • You ARE creative! And you like tea, hello! I had a hard time coming up with questions for other people, I didn’t want them to be the same old boring ones. Have fun!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! This is the first feedback of its kind for my blog, so I really REALLY appreciate the encouragement. I also had no idea you read my blog, so it’s lovely to meet you! I’ll start thinking about my answers immediately.

    Love your last answer btw: “Anything that could make people think they are beautiful just as they are.”


  3. You are too sweet! Thanks for the nomination. It was great reading your answers and getting to know you better. I would say that red lipstick is my favorite cosmetic, too! 🙂

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