12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 6


Gift 6 – Hello again Sponge Bob my friend!

DSC09307 DSC09308

A cute bag to keep in a bigger bag?  Yep, perfectionDSC09309

I’m loving this cat.  He’s like Grumpy Cat, who I absolutely adore to pieces.



I love this pin, I adore this kind of illustration.

So cute, loving these!!

I realized that I didn’t post the other blogs that are participating in this swop, if you are interested.

I TOLD you I’m bad a team sports.

12 Days of Christmas Swop participants

Wasted Fashion – one of the organizers

Alli McBally

Adventures of A Girl from the Naki

Pretty When You Smile – my gift giver!

Juanita Tortilla – one of the organizers.  She is the recipient of my gifts.

Plus And Beautiful




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It's a mess of a blog about being plus-size, loving clothes, having self-esteem issues, laughing way too much, and my daily interactions with the world around me. Stats - 37, live in Seattle with my boyfriend and 2 dogs.....and I'm funny sometimes

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