Orange you glad I posted?


Let’s just jump right into this, shall we?

IMG_1364Dress – Goodwill / Trench – Target / Sunglasses – Domino Dollhouse / Boots, necklace – thrifted

It’s hard to tell, but this dress is more of an orange color, and it’s beautiful.  Got it at goodwill for crazy cheap, still had the tags.  Gotta love a good deal.


I’m trying photos with my phone instead of my camera, so the next few posts might be a bit wonky.

I know I haven’t posted for MONTHS.  Really no excuses, just general laziness.


So, what have I been up to?  Seriously, not much.  Mostly work, because I’m exciting like that.

I DID do the St Patty’s Day 5K.  So much fun!  Got a group of friends to do it.

I’ve signed up for 2 more 5ks in the coming months.  I am doing The Color Vibe in May and Color Me Rad in August.


My weight loss is a bit stalled, but that’s ok.  I have managed to keep off the 25 pounds I’ve lost so far, and I’ll start losing again, I have no doubt.

It does get frustrating sometimes, but I just need to keep working at it.

I also have to be patient with myself with fitness.  I joined a running class because I was just not doing well on my own, and I realized I like being outside much better than being on a treadmill.  I’m not good at running, my calves tighten and burn immediately, but I am slowly making progress.  It’s through Running Evolution.  If you are in Seattle, check it out.   Coach Beth is fantastic!!!  I’ve had to take a break from running for a couple of weeks though, because I got some crazy sore throat cold thing going on.  Lame

So even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m further than I was.  When I did my first 5k a few years ago, I could barely walk for days afterwards.  Now I can walk a 5K and feel pretty good!  Progress!


I realize this post is not as humorous as you are accustomed to, I need to get back into practice of being my usual witty self.

Patience, little ones.  It will come.


And here’s a picture of me from the St Patty’s day Dash



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  1. You look amazing my dear. Love this dress SO much. Also congratulations on your progress for better health. You are doing amazing and I am so glad to be part of this journey with you.

    • I love your blog! Your style is phenomenal!!!
      I don’t have a fb page for my blog and I don’t do twitter, so I think you can just follow my blog through whichever blog reader you use?
      Sorry, i’m really bad at the techy stuff!

  2. So happy to hear from you again, on the blog front. Life does get in the way, doesn’t it? I think you’re doing well on the fitness front; it’s difficult to keep weight off, and you’re already awesome by participating in these marathons.

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