It’s a deer and sunny day


Happy St Patrick’s Day!  (a day late.) I don’t wear green on St Patrick’s day.  My mom always said that everyone who isn’t Irish should wear green because they want to be Irish, and so those of us who are Irish, don’t need to wear it.  You argue with my mom about it, if you want.


Shirt – Thrifted (forgot to look at label)/camisole, jeans – Torrid/boots – Catherines/necklace – SheInside

So, I have boots that fit!  But….they sadly sag during the day and I get baggy ankles.  and this happens with all of my boots.  I guess I should be happy that I can find boots that fit my fat calves, but it’s annoying to have to pull them up like socks all day long.  I guess I could tape rulers inside of them, total DIY experiment, but I’m guessing that would be uncomfortable and also not very effective.  Anyone have any suggestions for sagging boots?

look at the difference from picture 1 to picture 2.  I had to pull up the stupid boots like socks.  POOR ME


So, I could be talking about all kinds of stuff going on with me, like why I’ve stopped my healthy eating plan even though it was effective, why I feel the need to sabotage everything I do, why I feel lazy all the time, how I feel about losing a friend my own age, how it feels to be approaching my 40th birthday…but I’m not ready to write about any of that.


So instead, I will write about…..Target!  Yes, that lovely store where you go for one item and come out with 10 more items and $200 poorer.  Most of you probably don’t know what Target is currently up to, I’m not talking about the photoshopping incident, or the manatee incident, or even the pregnant = fat incident. (Wait, why do I shop at Target?) No, I’m talking about the general disappearance of all plus-size clothes in all Targets.

In early January, most Targets in the US cleared out their entire plus-size section.  Some had clearance items, some moved maternity into, some just stayed empty.  Some of the stores had signs up saying “Women’s Plus: Countdown to new.  Women’s Plus collection arriving early February.”  And that was it.


As time passed with nothing appearing in the stores, shoppers would ask sales associates who would say “it’s coming.”  Facebook questions would all get generic answers telling people that the items were coming, and to shop online in the meantime.  Online shopping isn’t convenient for everyone.  Every garment fits differently, sometimes the fabric isn’t what you want, etc.  Also, you have to pay to ship items back, so it’s not very cost-effective.

So, it’s now the middle of March, and there are still no plus-size clothes in the Target stores, and no actual answers or responses from Target, other than “It’s coming.”

Now, the main reason that this irks me is that Target would never consider clearing out any other section and telling shoppers to wait for new items.  Straight sizes, men’s, children’s, even maternity – they would never just empty the entire section and leave nothing there and tell shoppers to be patient.  But if you are a fatty, then it shouldn’t matter, and you should just shop online and never show your face again, apparently.

I realize Target isn’t the best quality, but they were reasonable priced and were slowly getting some really cute items in plus-size.  Although, whenever they have one of their special designers, they never have any of those designs in plus-size either.  I just find this whole incident to be insulting and frustrating.  It’s hard to find cute plus-size clothes that I can also actually afford.

There is a Facebook group you can check out if you are also frustrated by all of this.  I’m sure it’s not a big deal to a lot people, especially if you don’t have to shop in plus-size sections or clothes.  But when you are constantly judged because of your weight and trying to have a healthy image about yourself, appearance does matter, and clothes contribute to how you portray yourselves to others and how they perceive you.


And this look on my face?  I’m unhappy with how the pictures turned out.  Apparently shooting through a dirty window with chocolate smeared on my phone screen was not the way to go?



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  1. I loved reading this!! I am also frustrated with your experience with Target. Totally not right to completely wipe out a section and have no other options for customers… I love the items that Target carries and it is affordable. I have a few of there plus size items… I love there jeans.

  2. I’m completely frustrated with Target as well. I used to be a diehard Target fan… have been since my high school years. But no more. NEVER would they have allowed any other section of the store die out completely… Babies? NEVER! Mens? NEVER! Undergarments? Nope… But they seem to feel that their plus size shoppers are expendable. Which is okay….because honestly, even if they get a new plus size section in, they’ve lost my loyalty. Costco pays their employees better any way….

    • Thanks for your response! I appreciate anyone else who is at least annoyed by this. I don’t think enough people understand how difficult it really is to find affordable trendy plus size clothing

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