Adventures in sewing


I think I need a new camera.  The camera I have is great, except that it doesn’t actually open anymore and it won’t take pictures.  I dropped it in Mexico and now it just makes a whirr noise when I try to turn it on.  This is why I can’t have nice stuff.  I’m not kidding.  I”m the worst.

outfit 5

I guess I should be happy that I even have a phone that takes pics.  I could be using some old flip phone that you have to press the numbers to actually text (sorry not sorry if that’s your phone.)

So, I signed up for some more sewing classes.  I’ve taken a basic sewing class a few times, but now I get to learn to make an apron (ha ha, like I’ll actually use that!!) and pajama bottoms (these will get more use than the apron.)  Actual pants!  Ok, drawstring pants, but with two legs, so almost actual pants.  I need to learn to sew so I can alter and make my own clothes, since I can’t depend on buying new stuff that’s ugly and expensive, and Goodwill ain’t always going to have awesome stuff for me.

Isn’t she cute???


And speaking of not being able to own nice stuff, I know someday when I’m sewing with nice fabric that I’ll sew over my finger and bleed all over the nice fabric.  Ugh, I actually just made myself a bit sick there.  That’s just such a gross image, and every time I think of it, my stomach rolls.  EVERY TIME I THINK OF IT.  Because now I can’t stop thinking of it.

outfit 1

Sweater, jeans, shoes – Torrid/Shirt – Forever 21/Sunglasses, necklace – Target


See my saggy jeans?  It’s not just my boots that sag.  And speaking of sagging boots, none of you have come up with a solution for that problem yet!  I can’t believe my idea of using chopsticks is the best. Hop to it peeps!

Ha…I said hop AND peeps, and it’s close to Easter.  NOT EVEN PLANNED.  Comedic genius here.


You can’t tell from the pics, but those are ducks on my glasses!!!  Way too cute.


My attempt at being carefree and graceful and funny.  Instead I’m just blurry and about to fall off a wall, just like any other day.

sunglass eyes


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