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Fabulous Female – Brenna


I decided to interview all the different women in my life and get some of their thoughts about body image and such.  My first victim is my awesome gorgeous friend Brenna.  Brenna makes all those cool hair flowers I wear, and has a site where she sells those and other cool and vintage items, check out SammieGirlProducts.

I met Brenna about five years ago at work.  We have both since moved on to better jobs, but stayed friends.  All I can say about Brenna is that she is amazing.  She is fearless and will try anything at least once.  She totally gets things done, which I wish I did more of.  She is really creative and artistic and always wants to try new things.

She also taught me that big girls can have fun with clothes.  When I met her, I was dressing well, but not as fun as I do now.  She showed me that big girls can be quite cute actually.  When I met Brenna, I was doing better with my self-esteem and appearance, but she totally helped me ramp it up.  She tries absolutely everything…how could I not try to keep up with her???  She’s gorgeous besides being so cool.

On to the interview!!  (I’m still working on the questions for future posts, but these are the ones I really wanted to ask.)  Brenna also issued a warning with these answers – she had been having a bad day, so some of her answer might be sarcastic.

1. Basics – age, ethnicity, first name, city, nicknames

Brenna, 35, Caucasian, Seattle WA…. Sometimes I am called BB, BrennaVickyJudy or Brennatori…. more than nicknames however, I have learned with my name that often times people appear frightened to pronounce it. My favorite wrong names that I have been called are Gretta and Donna…. well clearly they are so close to Brenna.

2. How long have we known each other?

I would say five or six years, but we are like old souls and go together well… 🙂

3. 3 things you like about your body and one thing you don’t like.

I love my lips, eyes and butt…. Hate hate hate my hair…. I had a great hairdresser fix a mistake an old hairdresser did, but it is gonna take at least six months for a decent grow out….

4. How would you describe your body size without using numbers?

My body size without numbers. Wow, that depends…. sometimes I would say Chris Farley/ Jabba the Hut and other times I feel like a princess…. Is that what you mean? And not Princess Leia… she had issues….

5. Are you body confident?

I am not body confident, but I am able to pull it off apparently…… I always get/hear comments such as “For a big girl, you are confident, funny….etc” I don’t know exactly what that means….As if I was a different shape-big or small, short or fat I apparently would not be as confident, funny…and no I do not think that is a compliment…. It makes me feel bad.

Brenna - being her darling self

6. What does “body-confident” mean to you?

Body confidence means.., uh, er…. wtf does it mean?? I guess for me it means, yes I would like to be a few pounds lighter, but the reality is that may bot happen so if I at least exercise and I am still active I have settled with my body…. but it is always a work in progress so I don’t know… I have been skinny and I am fat. Yes there is a difference in how people treat me with the weight… however, at this point I actually like my life now…..

7. If you had to describe your self-esteem to someone who didn’t know you, what would you say?

Strangely I have been told I am very confident. I don’t feel that way though not at all… So I guess faking till I make it has been working, unless I am sitting in front of a mirror naked…

8. What’s your favorite fruit?

My favorite fruit….. oh peaches… I love peaches.

9. Famous boy and girl crushes

Boy crush hands down, Nicolas Cage… Girl crush….Emma Caulfield. She is kind of a firecracker. I love her.

10. Favorite piece of clothing, and why

My pajamas because it means I am done with the day and I can relax.

11. What’s a talent you wish you had?

No thought… Rock star… I wish I could sing because I really want to be a rock star. I mean I can sing but whether people want to hear it is a whole other subject all together.

12. What is a talent you DO have?

I throw kick ass Halloween parties… and can cook like no other. I can proudly say Paula Dean has NOTHING on me…Really!

13. What makes you crazy proud of yourself?

I just graduated with my masters degree. I also have decided to pursue a PhD after about a year break!

14. Name a movie you think everyone should watch.

Timer. This is a great little flick. Love it.  Also I HIGHLY recommend Amelie, very cute film  and Harvie Krumpet…This movie is touching and I have never cried  so much but I highly recommend it.

15. What do you think of my blog? (Shameless self-promotion and gratuitous compliments)

You have a blog? Just kidding. I love it and read it every day you post on FB.

16. Can I post a picture of you? (It’s okay to say no)

Of course just not the chicken soup explosion one!

17. Can I promote your blog/site?

Yes!!! Please do.

Please send me some cute pics too!

I also sent you my kick ass haunted house cake picture

So, I was surprised by some of Brenna’s answers…in a weird way, I feel like I know her better now.  Go check out her website!!!


H Lover Craft (Letter H)


Hey there!!  My lists are lacking a bit lately, sorry about that.  I can’t help it if all my interests seem to revolve around the “S.”


Nothing jumps out at me….I like hot dogs and hamburgers and hummus, but not enough to list them as a favorite.  Although we do go to this awesome restaurant in the International District and get their hot pot…it’s SO good.  I think we need to go this week.


  • Christina Hendricks – oh goodness, she’s gorgeous.  I want her hair, and her wardrobe from Mad Men
  • Howl’s Moving Castle – love love LOVE this movie.  The book is good too, but I just adore the movie.
  • John Hughes – I can’t even pick a favorite, I love his movies from the 80’s.  Pretty In Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles…seriously, I could go on and on.
  • Harry Potter – yep


  • Victor Hugo – I first read Les Miserables back in high school and loved it, and when I read Toilers of the Sea, I cried for days.
  • Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk – this book is so weird.  It’s not even one of my actual favorites, yet I’ve read it numerous times and it still sticks with me.  There is just something about it.  And I read they are making it into a movie, and I’m curious to see how they’ll achieve it.  If you want something a little different to read, read this.
  • Harry Potter – yes, I do love my Harry Potter


  • Hall & Oates – my mom used to play their records when I was really little and we would dance together.  Then when I met Steve we both talked about Hall & Oates, he even sang Sara Smile to me at karaoke! (He’ll deny it of course)
  • Hold On Loosely by .38 Special – I love this song, it makes me happy every time I hear it.


  • Hats – I used to be called Blossom back in my younger days because I always wore some kind of funky hat.  I’ve lessened up on the hats, but I’m slowly starting to wear more again.


  • Hyperbole and a Half – this woman is hilarious, and I love her blog.  Her drawings just make me crack up even more
  • HonestlyWTF – she posts the most amazing pictures and items on her blog, and sometimes there is even a tutorial on how to make some awesome stuff
  • Happydelusions – posts lots of cool craft stuff and shows, I mostly just love the pictures


Wigging out


Okay, the title was too obvious, I couldn’t resist.

I promised you pictures of my “model shoot” with lovely Brenna (who could have modeled her hair flowers so much better than me!)

This is pretty much just a picture blog today….but my 2nd blog posting today.  Aren’t you lucky?

And now she just needs to get her site up and running….RIGHT, Brenna????

Here are a few that I like:

I like my expression in this one. I think this is how I usually look when someone says something to me.

Lost in C-lover (C List)


List of loves related to C – ooh C is a big list, don’t get confused or confabulated! (chuckle)

oh I could do that for hours


  • Cheesecake – am I right?
  • Coffee – one of my favorite ways to waste time is to wake up on Saturday (late), make my coffee, and read my blogs.  Really my perfect Saturday mornings.  Then I’m usually slightly sick from too much coffee and no food.
  • Cosmos – so pretty, so yummy, so very perfect
  • Chocolate – no explanation needed.  White, milk, dark….it’s all good
  • Coconut


  • The Color Purple – hated the book though
  • Chocolat


  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis – my very favorite books of all time.  I read them over and over again and never get tired of them.  Make sure you read them in the correct order, the order of publication, not chronological.


  • Phil Collins – I think I lost some appreciation over the years, but then got it all back.  Separate Lives, Against all Odds….so awesome.  Check out the Postal Service’s remake of Against all Odds
  • The Carpenters
  • The Cranberries
  • Chicago – too many awesome songs to choose from, love Peter Cetera’s voice
  • Can’t Find the Time to Tell You by Hootie and The Blowfish – from the soundtrack of Me, Myself, and Irene


  • Costumes
  • Corsets


  • Cliquey Pizza – she writes about 80’s preteen books, I’m hooked!
  • Cute Overload – you would have to have no soul to not love something on this site


  • Coffee cups
  • Color
  • Crafts
  • Cherry Blossoms

New Year’s Resinlution


I’ve begun to do craft night with some girlfriends.  We’ve only done 2 nights so far, but that’s better than none.  Why am I writing about crafting?  Surprising, the whole situation has a lot to do with me and my personality.

I have always wanted to be a “crafty” person.  I used to keep craft books and magazine and gather supplies and read about it and…..then nothing.  I would just gather stuff but never do anything.  And I still do that.  I read craft blogs, I have a big tub full of stuff that I keep thinking “This would look so cool” or “I can’t wait until I get to use this.”  And yet, nothing much has materialized yet.

I tend to procrastinate about everything in life, including this.  Why do I do that?  I have all these projects I want to try and yet I talk myself out of them in so many ways.  So I had to sit down and figure out why I do that.  I came up with a few reasons.

  1. I am worried I will suck at it.  While this shouldn’t be such a big deal, for some reason it is.  I think if I try to create something and it turns out ugly or not quite right, I will feel like a failure and be very sad, and then won’t want to do it anymore.  But I also know that a first product is hardly ever the best, and that with practice anything I try can become a polished skill.  And it’s not even like I have to show anyone the first project I try.  I shouldn’t be so scared to fail. I should be scared of not even trying.
  2. I think it’s too hard.  I think that there are too many supplies, too many steps, it’s too intricate…blah blah.  When I did the resin craft with my friends, it was AMAZINGLY easy.  I was shocked.  This is something I would have thought about doing, I would have read the steps and thought “No way!  Too hard!”  and yet it wasn’t  and I love the finished pieces! (Pictures scattered about this blog)  And even if it is hard, so what?  I do hard stuff all the time.  Well, maybe not all the time, but occasionally.  I figured out basic math, didn’t I?

  1. I have no time.  Ha ha, this is the worst one.  I have no excuse for this excuse.   I really do have lots of time, and this is time I should be filling with being creative and trying new things and challenging myself.  I’ve felt very lost lately, a bit melancholy about what I am doing, and the word “stagnant” is constantly popping up in my mind.  I need to fill my life with more actions, creativity, people, laughter, and attempts.

So that’s what I came up with when I asked myself why I haven’t attempted more of my crafty ambitions.  And those reasons affect me in a lot of other aspects of my life too, not just in this one area.  So maybe if I get off my bum and actually start trying stuff, my results can overflow into other areas of my life.  It’s worth a shot.  (Ha ha, at first I typed resluts….)

See?  I told you being crafty (or not being crafty) affects my life.  I don’t know why you doubt me.

And for those of you interested, the 2nd craft night with the girls involved making pendants out of pictures, bezels, and resin.  So easy!  We printed pictures we like, got some bezels in different shapes, fit the pics into the bezels, mixed the resin then poured it over the pics, blew out the bubbles and let them dry.  EASY RIGHT???   I know, I know!  And now I have some awesome pendants that are uniquely me!

And my wonderful friend also convinced me to go to a ring making class with her, although I had no experience working with silver or making jewelry or anything.  Again, although I was nervous, it was easy, and I have a great ring.  And it was fun!  I got to learn something new, I got a finished product, I got to play with fire…all good things.

So, the moral of this story – I (and this also means you) will try new things and put aside my fears of failing or it not being easy.  It’s okay to be a little scared of trying something new, but I need to then move onto the next step of trying it.  I will be craft and innovative and creative!  Or I might just copy other projects and play them off as my own.