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12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 12


So sad, it’s the last day of the swop.

Although I’ve totally scored on the gifties.  Seriously, how incredible were these items?

Gift 12




Um….cute duck face to carry my food in?  Yeah, I’m pretty happy right now.  Good gosh this is yummy!


HA!  This is so awesome/cool/fun/incredible.  Hello, there are CHOPSTICKS!!!!  I’m so taking this everywhere I go.

This is so useful and cute, and it will fit in my bag.  I CAN EAT ANYWHERE NOW.

So, the swop was totally fun.  I had some hesitation about doing it, and I stressed a bit about the gifts that I sent.  I didn’t give myself enough time, but I know better next time.

And I really REALLY love my gifts.  Georgiana seriously outdid herself, and I believe she had fun doing it, so that makes me happy also.


12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 11


I’m still digging my mixed cd that I got.  Have you searched for any of those songs?  You should, especially the “To Sir With Love” cover.

Gift 11



Stationery, another love of mine.  Usually I love it too much that I never actually use it, I just keep it to look at and admire.  I think I might need to actually use these cute ones to share with others.  Cherries!   Love


Oh happy goats, you make ME happy with your cutesy frolicking!


I am loving my gifts so much!  Only one more day!

But don’t be sad kiddies, Christmas is supposed to only come once a year, that’s why we love it so

12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 6


Gift 6 – Hello again Sponge Bob my friend!

DSC09307 DSC09308

A cute bag to keep in a bigger bag?  Yep, perfectionDSC09309

I’m loving this cat.  He’s like Grumpy Cat, who I absolutely adore to pieces.



I love this pin, I adore this kind of illustration.

So cute, loving these!!

I realized that I didn’t post the other blogs that are participating in this swop, if you are interested.

I TOLD you I’m bad a team sports.

12 Days of Christmas Swop participants

Wasted Fashion – one of the organizers

Alli McBally

Adventures of A Girl from the Naki

Pretty When You Smile – my gift giver!

Juanita Tortilla – one of the organizers.  She is the recipient of my gifts.

Plus And Beautiful