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I know, right?


yeah, it’s been how long?  you can count if you want to, I just know it’s been MONTHS since I’ve posted.  Sometimes being in a funk lasts way too long.  Did you miss me?  I missed me!!!

So, no outfit pics today, although I have been wearing them, and they’ve been fabulous, of course.

Just wanted to do a quick check in.

Also, have you met the Militant Baker?  She’s quite awesome.  She also has a great Facebook page, if that’s more your style.  She recently wrote about what google says about fat shamming (or any body shaming) and created some great ads against it.  Then a whole wonderful bunch of her readers also created some.  Fabulous!!!

I created one, I think it’s just ok, but they were all so good!  you should go check them out!




Why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, as you probably knew from the title of this post.  The main reason?  My self-improvement doesn’t just happen at the beginning of the year.  That’s the main reason.  Seriously, I need to improve year round, not just in January.  So I actually try to make resolutions throughout the year, as needed.  Do I stick to them?  Rarely.  But at least I don’t have that feeling of failure in March.

Now that being said, I do like a fresh start, and I can understand the appeal of beginning something in January.  My reading list is a good example of that.  I like to set a goal of reading a certain amount of books in the calendar year.  (In 2011 I wanted to read at least 100, I read 113 books.)  I also love a good list and being able to cross off items, so an achievable goal list is like candy to me.

Trying to lose weight?  January is a great time to start logging and calculating, and it’s nice to go back in a few months to see what changes you might have made.

I guess my point is that there is a difference, at least to me, between resolutions and goals.  Goals can encompass all sorts of things I want to accomplish.  Resolutions are traits and aspects of my self, my living, and my world that I feel I need to change or work on.  That’s why I don’t like doing them in January.  Sometimes I do need a change in January, but I might also need to do something in June and July.

I have a goal to blog more, now that crappy 2011 is over with.  I have a resolution of trying to be more vocal in my thoughts and feelings and to write about them on here, and to remember the joy I get from posting.  I’m a sporadic blogger, and I’m ok with that.

Where have I been?


Oh goodness, I have been gone for a while, did you miss me?

I missed you!

Life just got in my way, honestly.  I have lots of stuff going on with my parents, and just wasn’t feeling energetic enough to write and be witty.  It also seemed like a huge effort to be totally honest in any postings, so I just had to step back for a while.

So, during my absence not much happened.  I did turn a year older, yay for 37!!!  I’m still blond, fat, tired, and working on self-esteem issues, so you didn’t miss any earth shattering changes.  I’m still me!! And I’m still funny, don’t worry.  Although I can now fit into my skinny pink jeans, and I have no idea how that happened, because I have not lost any weight!

I need to write a post about a very very cool experience I had.  I will post that tomorrow.  Here’s a teaser though – Human/Nature Connection.

Also, I came up with some possible responses for y’all in case you didn’t quite know what to say to this post.  Feel free to pick and choose, or if you are inspired to come up with your own, that’s good too.

1. Happy Birthday!  You don’t look a day over 36.5.

2.  Where does one buy skinny pink jeans for a plus size gal?

3.   I felt abandoned, but now all is right in the world.

4.  I understand how family issues can get in the way of doing other things, I also have one of those things called a family.

5.   Did you have birthday cake?

6.  I demand pictures of clothes!  And you wearing them!  Yes, you in clothes!

7.  Hmmm….Human/Nature…I’m intrigued and will wait impatiently for your next blog post!

I even threw in some random photos for you to enjoy.

Is it prairie or tropical or floral? Don’t label me!


Part of writing my blog includes coming up with clever titles.  At least, I feel that’s an important aspect.  I’ll usually write my blog then spend some time scowling at the computer trying to come up with a cute title.  When I feel I have one, I usually laugh out loud, slap my knee, and think “That’s CLEVER!”  Eh….whatever works.

I know I’m funny, even if Steve often shakes his head in disbelief at one of my amusing comments, and refuses to admit to my comedic genius.  He should feel blessed to be the recipient of so much humor, but for some reason he’s not as appreciate as he should be…curious.

Today I almost went the lazy route and skipped the tights.  I’m glad I didn’t, the little bit of red is very nice.  I bought the dress as a last minute purchase.  I was in Target and was too lazy to go to the dressing room so I threw it on over my outfit to make sure it fit.  “It’s fine,” sez I, and I bought it without knowing the true fit or even how it looked.  It’s not a habit that I should get into.  I am one of those people who needs to try on clothes, I have a weird shape. But those damn colors and florals!  I think I’m a sucker for florals, at least when they are done like this.

I always like to say I’m not really girly, but I think I am.  I like florals, the color pink, unicorns, sparkly things, feathers, and purses.  The only thing I don’t like is chick flicks, so that makes me always state “I am NOT a girly girl.”  Yet I am, and I’m okay with that.

Are you getting tired of the boots yet?  I’m not!  Skirts and dresses galore for me!  I know that when it gets to be summer I won’t be able to wear them, so I’m wearing the heck out of them now.  I also went through a period where I had no decent boots, so I’m kind of gorging on them now.

Oh, almost forget the point of the title.  After seeing my braids, I started thinking of Little House on the Prairie.  And I got into a discussion about Little House with a coworker.  But the flower made me think of a more tropical theme.  Then the florals themselves just kind of threw it all in a big mess, so I couldn’t decide on what today’s theme was, so I will just call it “Bright.”

The hair flower is from my friend Brenna, who is working on setting up a site to sell her stuff.  I am at a total loss right now as to what she is calling it, I think Sammy’s Girl….I’ll update once I have the full details, and her site is ready!

Clothing stats:  Dress, necklace – Target, Camisole, tights – Lane Bryant, Boots – thrifted, Hair Flower – site to be shared soon!

I like my expression in this one for some reason.

Goalie my goal


Here we are with a new year, welcome 2011!

I have been inexcusably absent from blogging, and I hope to correct that this year. My goal is to blog at least weekly…and I think since I plan to not limit what I write about, perhaps it will be easier. When I started this blog, I thought I would only write about weight and trying to dress as a “big” girl, but since I’m so darn funny and interesting, I figure I will write about whatever I want to and it will be fabulous. (A goal for 2011 – be more self positive!)

At the beginning of every year, I don’t do resolutions, but I do set some goals that I hope to achieve during the year. I don’t believe in resolutions, or at least not New Year’s ones. I try to make goals and challenges all year long and not just limit myself to starting everything in January. Any day or month is a good time for self-improvement, yes? So why do I create a list of goals at the beginning of the year – I love a list and this gives me a good time frame in which to cross items off. What do I love more than a list? A list with crossed off items!!

As for last year, my moods and creativity were a bit manic….hyper excited to do everything one day, and then ambivalent and slightly morose the next day. Perhaps an early midlife crisis? Would that be a midlife crisis for me? I guess if I die when I’m 72…perhaps a midlife crisis minus a quarter plus a third? I don’t know, this isn’t a math blog!! THE POINT IS….I was and still am in a sort of slump…about almost everything. No one to blame, no real reason, but I’m self aware enough to not like and to want to change it.

As the year goes on and I achieve goals on my list, I will blog about them. I could give you the list now, but I think I’d rather entertain with each goal after it’s achieved. Don’t worry, you won’t be in suspense for too long, I have other things I can write about to for your lovely eyes to peruse. Also, there is always the option of having a reader pose a question, and I could write about that, if anyone was interested. OR NOT.

Ooh, I’m a bit flowery with the writing today…I think I’m still sick from the croup.

Hello world!


My very first blog…and nothing profound to say.

But, I have high hopes for myself.

Why blog?  I have a lot to say, I guess, or am just at a point in my life where I am feeling the need to be a little creative, outspoken…something.

What will the blog be about?  Well, as you can probably see from the title I’m a big girl.  Yes, “rubenesque” is just a cooler way of saying “big.”  So, my life as a big girl will be part of the blogs.  All that exciting stuff about size, clothes, eating, food, self esteem issues, stereotypes, and what not.

Sounds awesome, yes???   Who knows.