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So….I’m wearing my awesome Star Wars shirt….forceful, GET IT?

star 6 - sun Skirt/sweater/bracelets – Torrid / Shirt – Old Navy / Boots – Lane Bryant / Sunglasses – Claire’s

I had to change location because of the sun.  You all know how I hate change!  You should have heard the sigh that came out of me when I realized the sun was messing with my pics.  But it does look like God was smiling on me, yes?

star 4 - nice I was a hot mess of patterns and colors, but I liked it.  It’s hard to see, but those shoulders have sequins.  SEQUINS!!!!  It’s like some weird anti-football gay shoulder pad thing going on.  Love it.

star 3 - goof So I wasn’t even trying to be dramatic in this one…I wasn’t sure if I had hit the camera button and I was actually trying to listen to the phone to hear the photo click.  I have to look  into the distance to listen apparently.

star 1 - cute The running progress is coming along slowly.  Ha, I made a joke and didn’t even mean to.  Genius.  I’m currently trying to get to the point where I can run to the end of a field a few blocks away from home (about. 3/4 of a mile.)  Then I attempt more running to get back home.  Total distance is 1.5 miles, pretty short, but I can’t run the full length yet.  YET.  Right now I do the first half in about 12-13 minutes.  Once I can run the full 1.5 mile (miles?), I will just keep adding distance to it.

It’s hard though.  Sometimes I don’t want to change into my running clothes and get out there.  And then I think of all the other stuff I should be doing, like laundry or whatever, and really don’t want to run….and I end up sitting on the couch.  It’s not so smart.  So, I tell myself it’s usually only 30 minutes, and then I can be justified when I flop on the couch!  Also, Steve is super supportive about getting me out running.  He gently encourages me, and it truly helps.

And as I write this, I think of how I should run tonight…and I’m already trying to come up with excuses.  Shame on me!

star 6 - sun




I think I’ve seriously forgotten how to smile for pictures.  I look awkward all the time anymore.

1 vest 2 goofyoh well, I’ll keep working on SMILING, which should be natural.

Good grief.

Love this vest, but it’s too big.  I bought it at Goodwill because I’ve been looking for a vest exactly like this for so long, and even though it was multiple sizes too big, it was $2, so I figured if I tinkered with it and messed it up, no big loss.  So I just sewed the sides a bit, but it still needs some more, I think.

3 goodShirt – Consignment (don’t remember brand) /  Vest – Lane Bryant (from Goodwill) / Jeans – Goodwill (Brand?) / Boots – Payless / Necklace, bracelet, earrings – Torrid

Yes, so I’m trying to be all crafty and stuff, and I can’t even manage to take in a vest.  Oy!

6 necklaceI am SO behind on my running, I haven’t run for weeks it seems like.  I was going to run last night, but the poor dogs have been cooped up so I took them to play instead.  And no, it’s not possible for me to run with the both of them, I can barely even manage to walk while dealing with the both of them.

They certainly had fun, but the poor things needed baths when we got home.

4 Ella 5 charlesI will do my best to go running tonight!  Although I don’t plan on running at the Color Vibe in May, I’d like to maybe run at Color Me Rad in August.  Need to get on it!

On the entertainment front, I’m currently reading Storm of Swords (3rd in Game of Thrones series,) and Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett, and unfortunately……Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris.  I’m hooked on those STUPID Sookie Stackhouse books.  They are so badly written yet I can’t stop reading them.  Why why why?  I can only assume it’s because they are part of a series, and a series is like a list, and I’m obsessed with lists and crossing items off.  Forgive me, please.  I do recommend reading the Disc World series by Terry Pratchett, he is an excellent writer, so hilarious.

I’m watching Medium and Justice League Unlimited.  Although I love Patricia Arquette, she isn’t the best actress.  I always have to cringe and laugh whenever they make her cry on the show.  But I love the girl who plays Bridget, she reminds me of some old vaudeville star.  Don’t ask why.

Also just watched Django Unchained.  Although not my favorite Tarantino film, I did like it.  I adore Tarantino and his movies.  He always has killer soundtracks, and he uses forgotten actors and it’s always a treat to see them pop up (Tom Wopat!  Lee Horsley!  Russ Tamblyn!).  Also, I think he really loves movies and always has, and I think it’s obvious in his own movies.  He always pays tribute to movies that have inspired him, and his knowledge of rare and obscure movies is incredible.  I don’t know how many film makers truly enjoy their craft, but I believe he does.

If you are curious, my favorite Tarantino movie is Kill Bill 2.  Can’t wait for the 3rd one to come out!

Orange you glad I posted?


Let’s just jump right into this, shall we?

IMG_1364Dress – Goodwill / Trench – Target / Sunglasses – Domino Dollhouse / Boots, necklace – thrifted

It’s hard to tell, but this dress is more of an orange color, and it’s beautiful.  Got it at goodwill for crazy cheap, still had the tags.  Gotta love a good deal.


I’m trying photos with my phone instead of my camera, so the next few posts might be a bit wonky.

I know I haven’t posted for MONTHS.  Really no excuses, just general laziness.


So, what have I been up to?  Seriously, not much.  Mostly work, because I’m exciting like that.

I DID do the St Patty’s Day 5K.  So much fun!  Got a group of friends to do it.

I’ve signed up for 2 more 5ks in the coming months.  I am doing The Color Vibe in May and Color Me Rad in August.


My weight loss is a bit stalled, but that’s ok.  I have managed to keep off the 25 pounds I’ve lost so far, and I’ll start losing again, I have no doubt.

It does get frustrating sometimes, but I just need to keep working at it.

I also have to be patient with myself with fitness.  I joined a running class because I was just not doing well on my own, and I realized I like being outside much better than being on a treadmill.  I’m not good at running, my calves tighten and burn immediately, but I am slowly making progress.  It’s through Running Evolution.  If you are in Seattle, check it out.   Coach Beth is fantastic!!!  I’ve had to take a break from running for a couple of weeks though, because I got some crazy sore throat cold thing going on.  Lame

So even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m further than I was.  When I did my first 5k a few years ago, I could barely walk for days afterwards.  Now I can walk a 5K and feel pretty good!  Progress!


I realize this post is not as humorous as you are accustomed to, I need to get back into practice of being my usual witty self.

Patience, little ones.  It will come.


And here’s a picture of me from the St Patty’s day Dash


A half marathon almost killed me.


Ok, I have been very very lame in posting.  I am sorry!


Yesterday was the half marathon down in Vancouver.  I really had a lot of apprehension about doing it.  I had started training earlier in the year and was doing well, then I just stopped.  I started again about 2 months ago, but my heart wasn’t in it.

Then I had to decide if I still wanted to go and try the marathon or just give up all together and wait for another one.  I knew I wouldn’t complete it, and it seemed like a big effort for something I wouldn’t even finish.  But, I have many wonderful friends and family and everyone was so supportive and they helped me realize that it would be good for me to go.

So, Steve and I drove down yesterday morning, leaving at 4:30 in the morning.  We met our friend Deb there, and I did it!  I completed 7 miles of the 13.1 and I’m pretty happy with that.  It was farther than I thought I would go!  And my friend Deb completed the entire race!!  So proud of her.

I am very very sore today and tired, but happy.  Being overweight, it’s hard for me to feel comfortable doing events like marathons or anything relating to health and exercise.  I feel like people are judging me, but I also know I’m not in great shape, so I wonder myself why I am doing it.  It’s a hard mental state to get over.   There was a huge variety of ages and shapes and sizes at the marathon yesterday, it was excellent.

I am still learning that the only stereotypes I need to overcome are the ones I have myself.  It doesn’t matter if I’m fat, or short, or a female, or a redhead, I can do what I want and I can try to do everything.  I may not succeed, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

So, my next goal – I’d love to actually complete a half marathon!!!

Oh, and an update with my Swedish Weight Loss program (wrote about it in my last blog.)

I’m doing pretty well…down about 20 pounds so far.  It’s slowly getting easier.  Tracking food is still annoying, but I’m seeing success and it’s good.  The best thing is that I believe in myself, and believe that I can do what I need to make myself healthy.

Did I mention how crazy sore I am?  I mean, in places you wouldn’t even believe, like the back of my knees.


Peevish Part 4 – It’s the gym, not your home


So, since I’ve gone back to the gym recently, I’ve been reintroduced to all of my gym pet peeves!!!  Maybe it’s not surprising that so many things bother me there, since I’m usually not my chipper self after sweating and squatting all over the place.   So, here’s a list of multiple actions that bother me at the gym:

  • People dropping the weights on the floor, loudly.  If it’s too heavy for you to put down normally, lift something lighter.
  • People making a HUGE amount of noise while working out.  Yes, it’s hard, but not everyone is groaning as loudly as you, so shut it.
  • People who are really in shape.  Ha ha, not really….ok, yes, they bother me.
  • People who want to “help” and try to correct what you are doing.  More on this later.
  • Inappropriate attire.  Let’s just say you need to wear something underneath your loose gym shorts, mister!!!!
  • Too much perfume/cologne.  Good gosh, I’m already having trouble breathing, you are just adding to the problem.
  • People who won’t wipe off their sweaty machines.  You could at least pretend to swipe the towel over it.

Also, the locker room is a huge area for pet peeves also:

  • Women who take up entire counter space getting ready, or an entire bench, or have their stuff strewn all over the place.
  • women who walk around naked.  I realize you are getting dressed, but you don’t have to spend 20 minutes in the nude.  And please don’t carry on a full conversation with me while you are standing by me naked, while I’m sitting on the bench.
  • Eating in the locker room.  Think it doesn’t happen?  It does, and it’s gross.  She eats cereal in the locker room.
  • Women who clip their toe nails in the locker room.  Again, it’s gross.  And while I don’t walk around barefoot, I still don’t want to hear it or see it.   You don’t have to do ALL of your grooming at the gym.
So, this post was really supposed to be about how different it feels to be working out, and all the good and bad stuff that goes along with that, and I was going to tell you about my trainer, and all kinds of stuff.  But, if you know me, you know I’m a procrastinator, and writing this post was a lot easier.  Anyway, I’m sure more things bother me, but this is my most basic list.
You don’t do any of this do you?  I didn’t think so, good for you!

Ha, here’s a funny site to check out – Annoying at the Gym

Walk the walk, talk the….eh, whatev


(Random related pics thrown in throughout to break up my blathering.  Look at the pretty colors!!)

Well, now I’ve gone and done it.

I signed up for the half marathon in October.  Here’s the info if anyone is interested.

After I signed up, I had a bit of a mini freak-out.  Mostly thoughts like “Are you crazy?  You can’t possibly complete that.”  and so on.  But we’ll get to all that.

I also went and got new walking shoes, so I could act like I was serious.  Can I just give a shout out to Super Jock n Jill?  They are so incredibly helpful there, and I didn’t feel any judgement at all, which I worry about sometimes with athletic stores.  Yes, it’s a horrible prejudice of mine, I need to get over it.

The next day, I started walking.  I barely made a mile, and I felt like crap.  I don’t know if you’ve read any of my previous posts, but I have issues with my legs, mostly my calves.  They are so extremely weak, and they cramp up and get sore really easily.  It actually affects me quite a bit.  (Read my hiking post.)  So after my first walk, I was quite sad and angry and feeling so very bad.  And I was ready to just quit, then and there.

I want these.

But, I thought “Hey, I have months to train, and I knew I was out of shape, so I’ll keep trying.”  It’s not like I’ve never walked anywhere.  We’ve walked around Greenlake many times, and that’s over 3 miles.  But I was also having trouble with those walks.

My plan is to walk every other day, and to try to increase my distance a little bit each time.  I am really worried about injuring myself or causing damage, so I’m taking it slow slow slow.   I’m not worried about my speed at this point, I’m just trying to build up some strength and endurance.  It’s been 2 weeks now, and I actually hit 4 miles on my last walk, although I didn’t mean to go quite that far, but my bladder had another idea, so I was forced into walking extra blocks!

Now, during these 2 weeks, I’ve run the gamut of emotions while walking.  We’ve already seen the “Are you crazy” feelings, and trust me, those have not diminished, they are just overshadowed by some of the other emotions.  I have been angry with my body for being so weak, and angry at myself for letting myself get so out of shape.  Seriously, walking up a small hill should not leave me that breathless.

I have also felt so sad.  Sad that I get so angry with myself, sad that I’m so unhealthy, and sad that I haven’t treated myself better.

But, they aren’t all negative emotions!  When I walk a bit farther one night than the previous night, I get so excited and happy and think “Hey, maybe it’s possible….maybe I can do a half marathon with a few years to plan for it.”  Ha!  Or I think “I am not at my healthiest, but I can still move and I can endure and I can get stronger, it is possible.”  And of course, I am trying to do something way out of my comfort zone, so that’s good also.

The weirdest thing about all of these emotions is that I can experience ALL of the within an hour.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  Add that to being sore and tired when I finally get home, and I’m ready to start crying from it all.  And I still have moments of wanting to just stop.  Just give up.  Not explain to anyone, but just to stop.

But….all in all, it’s a positive experience so far.  I feel like I’m being consistent, which I have major trouble with.  I feel like I’m improving too, which is exciting for me.  I also am feeling a bit content that I’m working towards a goal….I really need to work towards something and then actually finish it.

Although, I didn’t expect to be sore in my arse!!  Seriously, before it’s only been my back and calf muscles that hurt after this kind of stuff, but now it’s my bum!  And my thighs.  And my back and calf muscles.  So sad, just a sign of me getting older.  It’s actually my 20 year high school reunion this year….madness!!

And I’m not usually sore the day after I walk, but 2 days after.  But I’m getting less sore as time goes on.  This probably makes perfect sense to you, you are probably thinking “Of course you are getting less sore, you are building up strength and your body is adapting, that is what happens when you train.  Gosh Erin, for a smart girl you sure can be dumb.”  But in my mind, I keep thinking of how out of shape I am, and that my body should be rejecting every attempt to achieve this, thus being sore constantly and MORE sore the more I do.  Seriously, I’m shocked about this whole thing.  I’m still waiting to get so sore that I can’t even move.

So…..now you know what I’m thinking about as I walk around the neighborhood.  It’s always such a relief to get home and take off my shoes, because I’m usually SO exhausted by then.  But a few hours later, hey, I’m not feeling too bad.

AND!!!  One last thing – I rejoined a gym.  I’ve done gym memberships, even being consistent for months, but I kind of just made up my own routine.  But now I get to use a trainer and have him show me how to strength train, and I won’t have to guess and do it wrong and then get mad that I have no results and blame the machines.  Stupid machines, I hate you for not perfecting my body this instant!!!   The gym is in my work building, it’s quite convenient!  And I get 3 free training session!  Woo hoo for ME!

And do you think I have lost any weight during these last 2 weeks?  If you do, then you are wrong!  I’m not doing it to lose weight, but gosh darn, that would be a nice extra.  And yeah, I know the whole “muscle weighs more than fat” idea, but tell that to the scale!

And although I’m a walker, and not a runner, this last picture cracks me up every single time.

Blue Magic


I felt like a magician in this outfit, no idea why.

Although I feel the exact opposite of magical….which would be normal?

That’s not so different.  My lovely coworker said she thinks I have lost weight, when in fact I’ve gained.  Is it my attitude?  Well perhaps…except that I’ve been in a funk for a while.  Could I be gaining muscle?  No, not really since I’ve been a slug lately.  Am I dressing differently?  Perhaps…except it’s mostly all the same clothes.  But, I won’t complain!

Required photo of the dogs

I am trying to be more active, or at least I’m thinking about it.  My body responds to activity and so does my mood.  I’ve dragged out the Wii and dusted off the dog hair, and even used it a few times last week.  I need to do it every day.  I need to walk at lunch time.  I need to go on hikes with my brother.  I need I need I need…..

Required goofy pose picture

Have you used the Wii fit?  I love it but it wears me out!  I hate that stupid Segway one where I have to chase the hedgehogs or whatever they are on the beach.  That one KILLS my legs.  Which must mean it’s good for me.  And then the yoga instructor, he’s such a goody goody.  I’ve named him Troy.  Truly, I love the Wii, even if it makes me mad every time I step on the board and the voice goes “Oh…..”  as if I’m breaking her back.

Shirt, necklace, jeggings, sunglasses  – Lane Bryant / Boots – Craigslist

I actually guessed where I got everything, I can’t seem to remember at this time.  I’m apparently having a moment.

I might always be fat, and I’ve accepted that.  But I can still be a healthy fat, and that includes movement.  I’m currently reading “A Fat Girl’s Guide to Life” by Wendy Shankar.  It’s pretty good, and I like how she decides to take back the word “Fat.”  I’ll do a review for y’all once I finish it.  Which I need to hurry up and do, since I’m only at 44 books so far this year, and my goal is 100!