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12 Days of Christmas Swop – Day 1


Apparently I suck at team sports.  Seriously.  I signed up to do this fun and amazing Christmas swop and I’m already behind while everyone else is doing their part.  I really do suck sometimes.

December apparently is not a good month for me, at least not this year.  I’m a bit out of sorts right now, and that is the only excuse I have.

On to the swop!!

I received my gifts from Singapore, from Georgiana at Pretty When You Smile.

So exciting!!!!


Gift 1!!  Spongebob!!



I love pretty socks!  And I get so sad when I’m stuck wearing old ratty ones, so new ones are always a great gift!  Especially argyle!!!

A very sweet note from my gift-giver:


Some super-duper awesome cards.


My boyfriend totally tried to steal this library card insert.  I have to hide it from him.  It’s my  new bookmark!  Love it!


I’m already feeling extremely spoiled and feeling like I totally did not do my part in this swop!


Georgiana also sent me this extremely awesome mixed cd.



I listened to this cd right away.  So extremely awesome.  Have I used that word too much?  I don’t care.  Steve and I have a “Dengue Fever” station on Pandora, and this cd is just as cool.  And the timing is perfect.  In case you don’t know, Dengue Fever is a band that covers old Cambodian rock songs with new songs also.  Love them.  It’s like Georgiana knew this is my new obsession.  Here is their website and a wikipedia blurb about them.

So day one of the swop was already pretty awesome.  Like I said, I feel totally spoiled.

Oh, and since I’m totally behind in posting, I’ll be doing 2 more posts today!


Too lazy to title this


I’m lazy.  I admit it.

I didn’t even want to do this post because I’m lazy.

Actually, I mostly didn’t want to write it because I do NOT like these pictures.  It’s dark when I get home now, and I’m still not ok with the location.  I think I need to go back to the bathroom at work for photos.

Dress, leggings, hair pin – Torrid / Boots, belt – Lane Bryant / Necklace – random store in Snohomish

And I have a weird expression in every single picture.  It’s really not how I normally look.  OR IS IT?

Anyway, back to me being lazy.

I have 4 bags of clothes to take the consignment shop, but I’m too lazy to iron them all.  I did go to the consignment shop this weekend, and almost didn’t take ANY of the bags, because I’m lazy.  But I managed to get one bag ready, and actually ironed about 4 things.  Why not do all of it?  LAZY.  Even though I KNEW I was going,  I almost didn’t take the bag that was actually ready.

Sweater – Goodwill (not sure what brand it is)

Oh, and this sweater? Love this sweater, it’s my Freddie Krueger sweater.  And I’ve worn it numerous times but it’s never made it into this blog because the pictures always look really weird.  And I’ve been too lazy to actually style it correctly.

My necklace – isn’t it pretty?  It was a birthday present from Steven.

My hairpin.  I used to wear cute stuff in my hair all the time, but I’ve gotten TOO LAZY to do it lately.  And it’s all jumbled mess in the bedroom too, because I’m too lazy to sort it all out and find anything that will actually complement my outfits.

Yesterday was Veteran’s day, and I had the day off of work.  I spent it doing laundry and dealing with a horrendous migraine.  Why did I spend all day doing laundry?  Because we had no clean clothes, because I’ve been too lazy to do a load a laundry.

Hey look, I finally finished my bracelet!!  It’s the byzantine design.

Why did it take so long, you ask?  Well, I was too lazy to get the tools I needed to finish it, and then once I actually had them, too lazy to just finish the darn thing.  But now it’s done, and it’s pretty!

I have a gazillion to-do lists started, and I’m just too darn lazy to get them finished.  I have lost any sort of momentum I might have ever had in life.

I also want to write a post about the holidays, and how I feel about them, but…ha, you already know.  I’m lazy!

Oh, I did get partnered up for the Christmas Swop!  Yay!  And I SHOULD have done the shopping for it this past 3-day weekend, but I was too lazy to it!  I get to send to Juanita Tortilla!  So much fun!  And I get to receive from Georgina at pretty when you smile.  Love that blog name.  I’ll post more when it’s all started.

Here’s what I’m currently reading.

I absolutely adore Freddie Mercury and Queen.  I went to see Hungarian Rhapsody last month with my brother Joe, and it’s amazing how much of a performer he truly was.  It’s a film about Queen performing a concert in Budapest.  As soon as Freddie was on stage it was remarkable.  And the whole band performed like magic.  So sad I never got to see them actually perform.  This book makes me sad, but that’s ok.  I wish it was actually better written.  It’s kind of choppy and jumps all over the place, but it has lots of great info and some fabulous photos.

And I know I had more lazy incidences, but I can’t remember them.  I should have written them down.

You know what I love (Letters U-Z)


Well, here’s the wrap up of my alphabetical loves.

I’m grouping this last bunch together, none of these letters really generate enough on their own.  You will notice a lot dedicated to vintage blogs, I can’t help it that they mostly all start with “V.”


  • Vegetables – i do like a good selection
  • Wheat Thins! – My dad used to buy boxes of these for me all the time.  He would also stock up on ketchup and dill pickles for me, and cherry tomatoes.  And pomegranates.  He was a sweetie.


  • Valley Girl – early Nicholas Cage!  And have you heard the soundtrack?  Some of the best songs on my ipod.
  • Zatoichi – I’m talking about the movies from the 1960’s, not the horrible remake they did a few years ago.


  • Where’s Wallace – Absolutely loved this book when I was a child, way before Where’s Waldo came up.  I had a nice surprise when we moved my mom into her apartment, and I found my old copy.  I love the illustrations.
  • Edith Wharton – I am always so pleasantly surprised whenever I read one of her stories and just fall in love with it.
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle – love this book and one of my favorite series of all time
  • Winnie the Pooh – ’nuff said
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader – I absolutely adore the whole Narnia series, but this is my favorite book in the series



  • ?



  • West Seattle!!!!
  • Yard sales

True Love (Letter T)


What we like about T


  • Tomatoes!


  • Spencer Tracy – a very awesome actor
  • John Travolta – I used to be obsessed with John.  My obsession has lessened, slightly, but still love the boy.  You know you do too.



  • 10,000 Maniacs – totally reminds me of high school, which isn’t always bad
  • Take a Look at Me Now by Phil Collins – one of the man’s best. Just realized I’m cheating with this one, it’s actually titled Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me now)
  • Take a Look at Me Now by Postal Service – one of the best remakes I have ever heard
  • Tempted by Squeeze – yay for the 80’s!  Yay for YouTube!
  • This American Life –  most honest, beautiful, hilarious, and crazy true stories


  • Torrid – the majority of my shopping is done here, even my wishful shopping
  • Tulle – could I get away with wearing some everyday?



The great tomato taste-off

So This is Love (Letter S)


S is this week’s letter.  There is a huge amount of items that begin with S that I love apparently.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Spaghetti – I think I could eat it everyday

Stir Frys

Sushi – usually the spicy tuna is as exotic as I get

Seven Stars Pepper – awesome restaurant in the International District, they have a fab hot pot!!!



Studio Ghibli – responsible for some of the best anime films ever

Star Wars series – seriously, do I even need to comment?

Star Trek, The Next Generation

Sex and The City – one of my few girly girl likes.  Especially the fashion.  And Mr. Big.  And Aidan

Spirited Away – my favorite film, ever.  Yes, it’s animated.  Yes, it’s awesome



She’s Come Undone – I have read this book a few times.  I’m amazed at how well Wally Lamb writes as a teenage girl

Sweet Valley High – ha, I loved this series when I was in junior high.  Had to give it a shout out

Richard Scarry – his books are genius.  Seriously, a worm that wears a hat?  Love it!

Angie Sage – her Heptimus Seap series is one of my favorites

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – oh, I love this whole series.  I’m sad that the books aren’t written faster.



Charlotte Sometimes

Shiki No Uta – theme song from Samurai Champloo

Regina Spektor



SLOANE99 – yes, she’s a fabulous friend, but I’m not all biased when it comes to her jewelry, because it’s so very unique and lovely



Some Girls Wander – she posts some of the loveliest vintage items, although she hasn’t updated since August….

Style Bubble – hell, Susie Bubble is much too cute, and her outfits are true creations.  She also happens to be incredibly knowledgable about fashion

Sartorialist – lovely lovely photos of people, just people

Skinnie Emmie – a funny and honest weight loss blog

Sound Bites – a wonderful plus size fashion blog, with lots of insight and honesty

Skunkboy Creatures – argh, she is much too cute with fab red hair.  Cute creations, cute outfits, just too cute!



Skulls – just loving the look of them lately

Sol Duc – fabulous hot springs, lots of good memories from here, and it’s a gorgeous drive


Superheroes – seriously, how could they not be awesome?


Saturday mornings

Sarcasm – obvious, yes?

Sharpies – my favorite office supply

Rollin in the Love (Letter R)


Yes, I’m back to my love by the alphabet.

R is this week’s letter.  Apparently, there aren’t that many things I love that begin with R, even though I do like the letter R itself.  I’m sure I”m just drawing a blank, but I can’t really think of much.


  • Rhubarb – especially rhubarb strawberry pie.  Oh my, so yummy
  • Ravioli


  • Sam Rockwell – who the heck does not love him?  Seriously, I will watch anything this man acts in
  • Reading Rainbow – love love love!!  I always remember the Renaissance Fair episode the most clearly.  And of course Geordi LeVar Burton was awesome as the host.


  • Strangely enough, I don’t have any favorite books or authors that being with “R”



  • Regretsy – this site is too damn funny.
  • The Rotund – Wonderful writers, wonderful posts. “I’m on a mission here to let you know that fat people are not your enemy. And skinny people aren’t your enemy either.”
  • Return to Sender – “A writer and a fa(t)shionista, this blog covers everything from fat hipster garb to zombies.”
  • Ruby Nite – Girl wears the cutest dang outfits, and she’s fun.


  • Reading.  Seriously, this is probably the most well-known fact about me.
  • Red hair – Keep trying to get it, I just hate how it fades so quickly.  Someday I’ll do it again.
  • Roller Skating – even though I almost died the last time I attempted it, it always has a special place in my heart.


Peevish Part 2 – Interrupting my song


Presenting Pet Peeve #2 – Songs that contain ringing phones or sirens, or anything similar.

Really, does adding the sound of a siren or a phone ringing actually make a song better?  Do we love these sounds so much in real life that we need them in our music also?  They are some of the most obnoxious sounds out there, so why do musicians think it will make the song better?  If I hear a song with an alarm clock in it, then I’m going to kick someone.

And the time when it annoys me the most?  When I’m driving.  Really, I’m trying to drive to my destination, listening to some tunes, then all of  a sudden I hear a siren.  “Oh shellac, where is it?  Can I pull over here?  Wait…what?  It’s part of the song???  WHO DOES THAT????”