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Skulls and shadows, in a cute sort of way


I actually don’t like the first picture so much, but it shows how cute the skirt is on this dress.  Are you seeing how cute it is?  And it’s actually just a bunch of cutie pie skulls.  Sorry for the shadows, but shadows happen in life, yes?

I did something very new last night, and I wasn’t even going to write about it, but I feel like I should.  I went to my very first Overeaters Anonymous meeting.  I really didn’t know what to expect and had put off doing it for at least a year.  I don’t know what finally pushed me to check it out, but I went.

I realized I write a about my body and exercising, but not so much about my eating.  It’s very private to me actually, and I have a lot of issues with it.  I also think other people judge me a lot based on my eating.  True or not, that’s how I feel , and it can be unfair to others, but it also affects how I eat, and my thoughts about eating.

I have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I’ve known it for a while, but haven’t addressed it.  I am hoping that OA will help me with that.  I think I am going to keep going to the meetings and will get a sponsor also.  It’s hard to admit that I need it and that I’m going to these meetings, but I need to be honest on my blog.  I write it for myself, but there’s a possibility that it might help someone else, so honesty is a necessity.  Besides, it’s not called My Big Fat Lying Blog.

It was a small group, only 7 people.  Men and women, various ages and sexual orientation.  They were all so welcoming and supportive.  I didn’t feel any pressure at all.  And it wasn’t all depressing and morose either.  They were very positive and honest.

Dress – Torrid / Boots – Craigslist / Necklace – SLOANE99 on Etsy

It’s all very new to me, I’ve only been to one meeting, but I’m hoping it will have a positive influence on me and my eating.  And you will get to read all about the exciting adventures as I go from meeting to meeting!  I know, you can hardly stand it right?  Patience is a virtue my friends.